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September 30th, 2013, 07:43 PM
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I'm so sorry. I know I was an emotional wreck in the first trimester. My hormones were going crazy in the worst of ways... I was gloomy, mean, pouty, moody, pretty unpleasant to be around. I can say, for me, it got MUCH better! I'm back to my normal chipper self (most days) and don't focus on all the gloom and doom like I did before. Crying does help. I don't like to do it around DH too much because he likes to "talk about my feelings and try to fix it" and sometimes I just needed to be alone and cry. I would escape to the bathroom, take a bubble bath and cry my eyes out. I really did feel better afterwards. I like Joys comment about snuggling a teddy bear (I think that's sweet), and Schofields idea about getting out of the house. Being cooped up alone with your thoughts can be depressing. Try to keep your mind busy by doing whatever things you can. Cleaning, books, tv, talking to friends or family, surfing the web, artsy projects, shopping? Hang in there ((hugs))

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