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September 30th, 2013, 11:09 PM
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I think the craft desk sounds like a great project to do.

On a side note, sharing how you feel with your husband might be a good idea.
I kept a lot of things from mine after the miscarriage, because I felt that he pretty much just felt a little sad and then got over it vs. me who hit the depths of despair for months afterward. But when I got pregnant with Kody, I had a day with my DH where I finally was just honest with my fears with him. It was close to my due date and I was scared. I was scared I was going to deliver a dead baby. I told him even though I thought he would think I was silly or stupid to think that. But he understood and told me it wasn't stupid, and that he hoped I could lean on him a bit and let him help me when I'm down. It was a really good bonding moment between us.
I say all that to say, don't underestimate how it can help you heal to share your pains with your husband. If he's the kind that might be understanding about it, it can go a long way to help the two of you bond even closer and help each other through this scary part of pregnancy. I think it was really sweet of him to call you and ask how you were feeling. Maybe he was picking up on your emotions a bit. Sounds like you got a keeper there.

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