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October 1st, 2013, 05:29 AM
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This whole situation is starting to tick me off. We finally got an adjustors assistant to come out and do everything to send to the insurance Thursday last week. He sent it to the actual adjustor so we called yesterday to check on it and the adjustor is in New York doing flood claims so who knows how long it'll be. We also found out the guy that came out didn't turn in our contents list with everything else so we are calling him today to check on that. Both guys have been really nice though and have answered their phones every time we've called. Had a couple of contractors come out yesterday so we should have estimates in a couple of days on damages. The assistant that came out said it looked like $50-60k in damages. Good times. I'm going over there today just to clean. I know it's not much? but I just figure if all that's left to do is have guys come in and work I'll feel better.

DH's last day of work was the day all this happened, so I officially started working ER nights every other Friday and Saturday night 12 hour shifts. I'll admit I cried the first night before I left Avery, but I did kind of enjoy having adult conversations and the little break I got from being constantly in demand from her. They laughed at me, but I brought my pump to do every 6 hours while there. I offered it as creamer if anyone needed. lol

In happier news, Avery is exploring more and more foods and loving it. I was drinking something the other day and she put both hands on my glass and opened her mouth wide trying to take it out of my mouth for her to drink so we're going get a sippy cup to try. It was the cutest thing. Little stinker also decided she loves a cheapie toy I bought a couple of years ago when watching my nephew. She flipped from back to tummy several times yesterday trying to get to it. She had done it in her sleep before, but never while awake. I was all excited. She's also almost sitting up. She grabs our hands and tries to pull herself up. I love this little girl.

Anyway, that's how my life is going right now. Hope everyone is doing well. I do get on here and read posts sometimes, just too much going on to post much these days. Hopefully life gets back to normal soon.

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