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October 1st, 2013, 07:09 AM
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What did you eat before your one hour test and did they have you fast before that test? When I was pregnant with Jackson I had no clue what the glucose test was or that I should stay away from sweets the day before the test and I ate a bunch of crap the night before and ended up failing the one hour test. So I did some research and the night before the test I ate some salmon and some green beans. No carbs or sugar the day before the test. And then I didn't eat for 12 hours just like your dr said to do and I passed the 3 hour test. I won't lie the 3 hour test sucks and it sucks getting stuck every hour for 4 hours.

Then with Jacob I ate salmon and green beans the night before and thankfully passed the test and that is what I plan on doing before this test. I would definitely stay away from sweets between now and when your test is. when do you go back in? And I would also try to stay away from carbs the day before the test. Hopefully that will work but if it doesn't, I know several girls who have had gestational diabetes and while you do have to pay more attention to what you eat it's really not that bad. Although the finger sticking might stink. I hate that.

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