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October 1st, 2013, 05:01 PM
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Hello everyone! I am a mother to an 8 year old boy born at 40 weeks and am now 29 weeks 2 days pregnant with baby boy # 2. I was sleeping and was 28 weeks when I started leaking. It has now been a week since I have been hospitalized. Last Monday, my level of fluid was 10.5 last and they just did another ultrasound today and now my level is 5.1. I am completely closed and am not having contractions. Now with my level of fluid dropping so much I am concerned about the baby be able to hang out until 34 weeks, which is the goal. Has anyone had experience with fluid level fluctuating or water breaking before time? Trying to prepare for a premie. If anyone has advice or similar experience please feel free to share.
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