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October 1st, 2013, 06:30 PM
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Maverick makes me think of nothing but Top Gun...

I wish I could find it again, but I once had a spreadsheet detailing the exact number of each name for the year. The SSA page has an app where you can search by state/year. Popular Baby Names For example, in my state of Virginia there were 512 girls named Sophia last year--the most common girl's name for the state. It's a pretty big state. I'm guessing the odds of there being more than 2 Sophias in one kindergarten class are pretty slim if there are only 512 of them (there are 139 elementary schools (each with multiple kindergartens) in my county alone!)

Basically, if you love a name, use it. Forget about the popularity. Even the most popular names aren't so common as to have every 5th child named Jacob or Emma.

As a middle school teacher, I have 140 students on my roster. I honestly only have a few duplicate names, and most of those aren't their given names (or are actually more obscure). I have 3 Will's, but none are actually William--I have a Willis, Willhelm, and WilliamS. I also have 2 Esther's, and 3 Maryam's.

Only one Ryan, one Michael, and one Emily though. Go figure.

I would pick the name you like...even if it is high up on the popularity list. Give the kiddo one of those more unique names as a middle name if you're worried about it being too common.

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