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October 1st, 2013, 07:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Quantum_Leap View Post
Jade, are you supposed to eat MORE carbs before bed, or less? My fasting numbers are starting to creep up as well -- this morning was a 99, which is the first time I've been over. I want to put a stop to it before it gets any higher. Do you have any tips?
I would say experiment with different combos of carb/protein for your snack. It's really different for everyone! Not all carbs are created equal.

My 3 cups of popcorn is actually equivalent to 1 carb, so I didn't raise or decrease my carb count when I made the switch from one snack type to another.

Another tip I had to try to get the fasting sugars a little lower was to have a straight protein middle of the night snack when you wake up at one point. I was doing peanuts for this, but that was before I was on the glyburide and it helped a little, but not enough - haven't done that since I started the meds though.

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