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October 1st, 2013, 07:36 PM
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I generally lurk in the TTC board just to check for updates from you.

I was sorry to read that Clomid cycles 1 and 2 were a bust.

Regarding the emotions from today's appt, yes the progesterone can make it worse, but I certainly understand how disappointed you were that the clomid wasn't working. I know the ladies on the TTCMA will be very interested in your CD3 bloodwork. It's tough waiting AGAIN when you've waited SO MUCH already.

You're doing a good job. Waiting sucks. Not knowing sucks. Having your body not cooperate sucks. It's the worst when you have a knowledge of what should be going on, but it's like your body is clueless. You and your doctor WILL get to the bottom of this. You will have a baby. And I believe that you are on the SHORT side of the wait now. Really! You've come through the worst. Every test is one step closer to the specific answer that is right for your body. You're doing a fabulous job of enduring a painful wait.

It's okay to get down. You can always believe that *I* (and the others here) believe that you will conceive soon.

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