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October 1st, 2013, 09:34 PM
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Still nauseous several times a day but I've only puked once and dry heaved a couple other times. Oh and the one time I just got bile when I was laying in bed facing DH and I had to turn over real quick and sit up so I didn't puke all over him. Usually it just means that I need to have a few bites of something, which brings me to the next symptoms. Food sounds yucky. Almost any food. Usually I could eat cheese.

Tired. I just want to sleep all day and then I feel like I want to sleep at night but my brain is too active.

My body is sore, mainly my lower back and ankles, partly because I'm still a little constipated from the 2 times I took Zofran. My ankles have both been injured several times, with one being broken last fall. and my hip hurts after I'm in one position too long and pops a lot.

Allergies and drainage. Blech. Something that has always been a stomach irritant to me, so that doesn't help with symptom no. 1.

Vision changes and headaches. Hormones sometimes do this. It's hard to explain, but you get my drift.

Hot flashes. I can go from being cold one second to sweating the next.

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