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October 2nd, 2013, 10:40 AM
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My OB told me she doesn't want me to get near my due date because my body has a hard time pushing out a bigger baby (based on my last pregnancy).
First week of November is the earliest I want to go anyways. That would put me at 39 weeks (due to work). I got a second opinion from another OB and he wants to do a cervix massage from 36 weeks (will be seeing him again next week). I had third OB and she was telling me to wait until due date as every pregnancy and baby is different- so I am also getting different opinions from everyone.
I understand it can be very frustrating.
Dont worry about bringing it up again. Give it another try and tell him as the time in nearing you will not go through labour like you did last time. Will your husband be there with you? Maybe if he is also there and backs you up the doctor will listen to you more.
I am forcing my husband to be there with me for my next appointment as I noticed the OB is very different with him there.
In the meantime, would start the natural methods.. teas, oils, sex, walks to help prep the body for an easier labor.
Try not to worry.. easier said then done.. just firmly tell him how you feel and I hope he will listen to you. I think they tend to listen to the pregnant woman more the closer she is to her due date. Mine is waiting till last minute to make a decision!

xxxxx good luck and hope tomorrow will go well (fingers crossed)
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