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October 2nd, 2013, 10:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Cupcake2 View Post
It matters because I don't want to go overdue because fear of a c-section. My due date is off by at least a week, it might even be closer to two weeks honestly. So if I'm not induced and go to my current due date I could technically be almost 42 weeks? At least 41. My others were at 39 weeks and they were both very traumatic labors because of their size. I know if he doesn't change my current due date then I will be induced a week before since I think that is actually my due date (or at least closer to it) so I rather have the correct due date and not feel like I have to be induced just to have a birth that isn't horrible. Hope that makes sense. My doctor is great but he's probably won't listen to me go on and on about it. Short and to the point usually works better with him. That's why I'm not sure exactly which words he will take seriously.
Thats exactly what happened to me last time. Went 10 days over as my OB thought the baby could come naturally still.. didnt want to rush into induction.. also no one told me it would be big until I started pushing. After HOURS of pushing they started filling out c section forms but finally got it out with forceps and episiotomy.
What you just stated is perfect to say to you OB. Tell him last time you waited and ended up nearly avoiding a ceserean and this time you are not taking that risk again.

Originally Posted by ~Kris~ View Post
Okay, so you aren't totally against an induction, you just want the induction at the right time for what you think the due date should be.

What if you asked about having an u/s to check growth, that way you'd look like you are open to the idea of waiting, if baby's size isn't an issue according to the u/s.
Thats a good idea..
Although my OB doesnt want me to get one - he can tell by touching and says my baby is average.
Thats what they told me last time and it was big.
I hope your will listen - maybe it is easier to get Ultra sounds in the US
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