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October 2nd, 2013, 11:22 AM
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I have to say I'm so grateful for weekly ultrasounds & monitoring at the RE. I can't imagine just sitting around and waiting for 4 weeks between scans/appointments.

Anyway, today's heartbeat was 171! Measuring 7w5d, 1.7cm (size has doubled since last week).

Funny thing- my RE is located within a university hospital, and so there was a medical student with me and the tech in the ultrasound room. She was very sweet, asked if it would be okay to come in to observe. After the tech did the scan, they asked if she could practice doing the ultrasounds. Totally fine with me- it gave me more time to look! But she was so nervous, kept asking if she was hurting anything. I told her, "Look, so many people have been all up in there in the last year. It's totally fine- join the club!" I think that made me sound a bit promiscuous!
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