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October 2nd, 2013, 12:35 PM
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Originally Posted by clouise View Post
We have hair issues too. My oldest is 8 1/2. She does her own body, and then I come in and wash and condition her hair. I think she is getting kind of old, but I'm still doing it for now. It is very thick and hard to do on her own. My son is seven and does everything himself...he has short hair.

I would say make sure she can reach the detachable shower kids have a much much easier time with that than a regular shower. And buy the tear free shampoo. Maybe let her pick out some new shampoo or something that she is excited to use herself. And then tell her she doesn't need to use but a little bit, because my kids will use the whole bottle in no time if I don't remind them. Even with long hair you don't want to use too much or you will be rinsing forever.

Problem mostly solved!! DD1 chopped her hair off this past saturday. I took all 3 girls and DS4 to get hair cuts since I was going to get my hair done and she surprisingly went through with cutting her hair off that went past her bottom. Its now a one length bob! looks great and she is having so much fun styling her hair and TAKING A SHOWER TO WASH HER OWN HAIR!!. yyeaahhh...
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