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October 2nd, 2013, 12:50 PM
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Hello ladies. I am Danielle and i have had 4 pregnancies that were fairly normal and then last month we found out we were expecting only to experience an early m/c @ 5 wks 4 days. Well I have been getting SUPER light lines since 8 dpo but this morning was my first brighter line.

I am finding myself just sitting in dread. I keep looking at my hpt's and I feel like I am just waiting for my tests to just get lighter instead of darker. So far they are getting darker but I can't help but wait for it. Because that was my first sign that something was wrong last month. I was going to use my last FRER just to see another big blaring line but instead I saw a lighter line than the day before and i just knew something was wrong. I am so afraid that is going to happen again. I haven't told my DH about testing because I don't want to see him devastated again if it does happen. I told my mom and even though this morning on my FRER I saw a real line, no squinting... A LINE!!! She says "about how long until you get a REAL line?!?" I was like... IT IS A REAL LINE I am scared. Am alone in this feeling? Is this normal after an early m/c?
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