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October 2nd, 2013, 01:40 PM
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That's really great insight, and I think you are right. It always bothered me that my mom was unfair (not just to me, but to other people in her life) and that she lied and manipulated so often. Maybe that was what creates that need in me to want to protect other people or to bring to light people who act that way; as you said, I need to stay out of it. I am getting better at spotting it, though more recently I was kind of blindsided. It was like -- wow, I didn't see that coming . . . but yet I wasn't surprised by who it came from? Of course, it's harder with group situation because I can get along with most of a group but I seem to bring out the worst in those vocal few that are so much like my mother, that that ends up drowning out everything else.. I'd hate to avoid a social group entirely overly a few vocal few, but maybe I just need to be more careful which circles I run with. For example, I don't seem to encounter many problems with AP circles, and like I said the other day I think it has to do with whatever personality trait that most AP families have. I always feel at peace around them.
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