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October 2nd, 2013, 03:40 PM
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So we had our genetic counseling appointment today (I'm also over the age of 35 and a high risk so they wanted us to go). The appointment(s) before us ran long, so our 10:30 appt. became an 11 o'clock appt. and then lasted almost an hour and a half. She was very thorough on all the options and tests and what labs they use, etc. So I had blood drawn today and go back tomorrow for a CVS test and get the results for that in 7 - 14 days. So they do the test while using u/s so we'll get to see if things are going well.
So we had my CVS appt. this morning, and I'm always super nervous when getting an u/s because of past losses. So the u/s tech tech started her scan and I informed her of my SCH, just so they'd be aware to look for it and make sure it wasn't where they needed to be. Well she started the scan and I couldn't see the screen and she wasn't talking (always makes me nervous when they don't say anything). And I just couldn't bring myself to ask if everything was ok because I didn't want to break down. Then the doctor came in and looked at the screen and they talked and then started setting up for the test, so I figured if they were doing the test things must be good. Which then relaxed me enough to ask if things looked ok. The tech then said 'yep, measuring right on' and turned the screen so I could see the baby wiggling!
They did the procedure, got a good sample, and I was done quickly. The tech printed out 4 pictures for me, and then I cleaned up on was on my way with instructions to take it easy for 24 hours and no sex for a week (add that to the 2 weeks we've been on for the SCH and poor DH - lol).
They said it takes about a week to get the results. Then we have our perinatologist appt. on Monday. So things are going well so far

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