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October 2nd, 2013, 07:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Irish_Wristwatch View Post
that is a very cool idea, if im understanding it right

so the team buys 20$ gift cards for timmies (or what not) you pay 10$ for each and then sell them for 15$ each right? (or something to that effect)
Sort of, you can buy the gift cards in any denomination you want and the company has offered a percentage discount when we buy them in bulk. So I'm paying the actual amount of the gift card, or selling them to my friends for the actual amount, but the dance association is getting them at a 5% discount. Some are more, some are less, like Staples I think it is only gives a 2% Crabby Joes offered an 18% discount. So then the difference between the actual amount on the card, which we paid and the discounted amount which the dance association paid is what goes towards the dancers.

I've decided that since I shop at No Frills most of the time anyways for my groceries, I'm going to buy gift cards and shop with them instead of debit. I'll just budget out about what I spend each month and buy them then put away the money I would have spent in cash to buy the next set.

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