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October 2nd, 2013, 09:09 PM
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Am I the only one who thing "pleaded" sounds so wrong, isn't it plead? Ugh, I have no clue why, but that bugs the tar out of me!

MIL I'm bored also.

Repti, good luck to him. the whole thing sounds like crap.

FW, maybe something physical happened and that's why she has no teeth, or she's like me and has a phobia of the dentist.

My cat, the one that disappeared and then was discovered to have been hit, is doing pretty good. I didn't go the vet cause I just didn't have the funds, but she is up and walking. Her leg isn't 'right', but it's healing. Turns out my cousin is the one who hit it, but he thought it killed her. I'm not sure what I think. We aren't close so, yeah.

It looks like we might qualify for a subsidy on our insurance. It's a decent amount, just not sure if I'm gonna bother with it.

I have some meat slow cooking in the crock, and tomorrow I'm gonna make tamales. Yum!
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