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October 3rd, 2013, 09:07 AM
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I know those feelings and that bitter taste all too well. I too have been on my own for quite some time. Since I was 16 (10 years ago). I will admit there are times I went to my parents for help but they haven't given me a penny since I left their home. One of my sisters on the other hand... spoiled rotten and I mean rotten! She's one of those people who has to complain about her life on a daily basis on facebook and I'm sitting in the shadows thinking "If only you knew what REAL problems are." But then the angel on my shoulder tells me everyone has their problems and although they might be small to me they are big to her.

Sorry I'm jibber jabbering... but yea, some people need that slap in the face wake up call. AND they need people to stop doing everything for them so they can try doing things on their own for once.

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