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October 3rd, 2013, 10:55 AM
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Im glad I found this post...

Thats how I met my daughters father - who became my fiance and now my enemy (but thats neither here nor there). I had broken up with my boyfriend of a year the month prior, got crazy and slept with a random guy from a club and out came my daughter. I did know that my daughter was definitely not my ex's but I didnt know if my daughter was the guy I hooked up with. He meant nothing to me at the time so I told him that I got a positive test, you can have a DNA test while your pregnant and we had one he was 99.999% the father so I knew it wasnt anyone else.

You need to ease your mind and step one find out if your pregnant. There is no harm in knowing. I would approach the guy you hooked up with about it before approaching my ex. Get him to do a DNA test and find out - if its not his you know and you can approach your ex.

I know my post was all over the place but I have been there! Im thinking about you!
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