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October 3rd, 2013, 11:35 AM
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I have two sons and went through this with the first. My water broke at 7:50-8am, we got to the drs at 9. My contractions were strong and 7 min apart before I got to tge hosp. The nurses were great . So thr mid wife that was supposed to deliver me ( the dr was doing s c section, it was a sunday, and they have certified midwives unless its an emergency, then dr delivers you) Anyway she strolls in at 11:15 1130, didnt even introduce herself before saying I was doing an awful job through labor and that I HAD to have an epidural. ( this is BEFORE ANYONE checked me! I wasnt crying yelling or saying much at all! Just breathing!) Nurses said I was dping great... anyways then she checked me turned out I was about 5-6, she couldnt tell. Anyways she ended up getting so pushy, I was ready to walk out and deliver the baby in our car, not even joking, My hubs ended up telling her off. I requested a dr but thats how I found out he was doing a c section... The nurse was off duty at 2, but stayed until I had him at 2:38pm. Loved that nurse. The midwife pamela lemke at kaiser in san jose ca, is a B. She was SO rude! Had mt second at the same place, they didnt push but did try to push the pitocin to help me dialate ( cuz i felt so much pressure, like I had to push at 7cm) they didnt give me any but I had to keep refusing. They were still great though. Had him just shy of 5hrs. I was appauled that I had to fight for it though.

I should add that my labors were normal not high risk baby was down, head first. They were both ideal labors and "easy"
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