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October 3rd, 2013, 12:26 PM
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Well, it really depends on the child, I think. My three yr old is potty trained, except he will occasionally wet at night when hes asleep. So I think pull ups would be ideal for him. Being that your little man is so stubborn, I would try leaving him naked at home. Then Put him in just pants or shorts at school, instead of underwear or a diaper. My two (almost 2 1/2) is potty training and at home hes naked, but I do put a diaper on him when we go out. Once he uses the potty a few months, Ill try taking him out with just pants shorts and a chuck/peepad underneath. Now as for night time leave him in just pjs or undies. It really helped my 3yr old. Only fuss when he goes and give him a small reward even if its just a highfive or a sticker
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