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October 3rd, 2013, 01:15 PM
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Well that depends on each family... dh and I both had two boys When we met, we have a 5yr old daughter together, and thought we were done... when I went into have my tubes tied may 15th the last minute Protocol of a pregnancy test came back with our surprise baby boy due Jan 16th of next year...
So even though we thought we were done, God had other plans for us
my grandma had 7kids in 9years, never ever prevented but never got pregnant after number seven... so sometimes there isn't an option either...
I'm a waitress, dh is a chef, working 64hrs a week to bear most of the financial weight and to allow me time to be home before and after school and to drop off and pick up the littlest ones from elementary school since its 8blocks away and has no bus avail, but that's too far for a 5 and 10 year old to walk alone in my opinion, especially in our MN winters.
Financially one more child doesn't make much difference especially with little ones in the house already, but that depends on the work schedules involved too, I work 2 graveyard shifts on the weekends, when dh and the oldest kids are home to help with our DD, and I'm sure this is going to stay the same or very similar after baby boy is born as well.
Its up to you and your dh to come to a decision together...
hope that helps!

Another thing is that I was an only child in my home growing up and always told myself I would never ever make my child go through that, I was surrounded by adults only all the time, and it was really lonely for me... dh is one of 5 kids and although grew up extremely broke, never was a lonely house, so we knew we would grow our family until it felt right for everyone... even though baby boy to be was a surprise, we are both extatic to have the just one more time to do it all over again!
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