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October 3rd, 2013, 02:41 PM
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Welcome! I'm swaying pink, but I can tell you a little about swaying blue. I've been researching gender swaying for over a year now! This is a better site for reading up on sways and successes: Add Your Boy Sway!

As far as my boys, I didn't sway, although I thought timing was a sway with George and if so he should have been a she, lol. Anyway, I had a typical boy diet with eating healthy, eating breakfast every day, I took lots of vitamins, esp B complex and D3, I also snacked through the day and kept my caloric intake higher then lower and my bood sugar levels higher and steady instead of lower and more erratic. I ate a huge variety of foods for a larger then normal range of vitamins and minerals. I also exercised a lot to try to build muscle mass (more muscle mass = more calories your bodies burn since muscle burns more then fat, and I wanted to loose weight). Exercise no more then 30 min a day so you don't break down muscle as that sways pink. Also weight lifting sways blue more then cardio which sways pink. Red meat sways blue since it increases your testosterone, milk and dairy are "supposed" to sway pink some say for the calcium in it (I dont' believe minerals really sway much), but I think it more has to do with the added female hormones and antibiotics.

Anyway, I'm sure you will find in another post someone who can tell you more about timing and positions, etc. Again, I just don't believe too much in timing unless you count frequency. It seems in my research more women end up with more boys if you DTD every other day when you get the EWCM then if you deplete the sperm count by DTD daily or multiple times a day.

As far as "diet" goes, you are supposed to have about 6+ weeks in before a sway for it to count, but if you plan on starting now, go ahead and if you don't get the egg this cycle you will be on your way 6 weeks or so in for the next cycle. Also don't stop your diet during the TWW.

Oh, mucinex sways blue, soy sways blue (if you can stand drinking soy milk, take soy isoflavanes, have DH take soy iso too), a more alkaline vaginal pH and pH of DH's sperm is blue friendly (before you add anything like replense you might want to test your pH so not to try to kill the sperm off), preseed is boy friendly... I'll add more if I can think of anything else.
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