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October 3rd, 2013, 03:56 PM
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lol i placed my order two days ago!

nursingmama, since you conceived at 10 mo pp, you seem like the perfect person to ask: having gone through having a newborn with another lo under the age of 2, would you steer me towards or away from this decision! lol

see... i'm excited at the prospect of harvey getting a sibling that is close to his own age-- we just moved a few hours away from our families, and this way, he will have someone to grow up with! i'm set on trying *soon*... i stopped taking my pills and i bought the pregnancy tests. but i'm still admittedly a little unsure if i'm making a mistake by aiming for this timeline. like, should i think twice about ending up with two lo's that are in diapers at the same time?

but, honestly, my main concern was that i might do emotional harm to harvey by abruptly weaning him and not easing him into the transition. so, i've got to say, you're already easing my concern by saying you were able to comfort-bf your older one for a few more months.

let's just say... my husband and i are open to suggestion, and any advice you have for me would be greatly appreciated!!!
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