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October 4th, 2013, 03:02 AM
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Originally Posted by ashj_1218 View Post
I didn't feel like I had a lot of options but to follow the tide that was coming, even with my doula. They used some warfare on her too, because I had some medical conditions that they said were affecting their decisions (I am quite sure they had nothing to do with it).
I felt absolutely the same way. It was a Sunday - both attending OB's day off - and they had tried to push an induction down my throat the week before. They knew I was going to refuse for a full week before I was in labor and still fought me tooth and nail. The certified midwife who called on my behalf when I was being bullied was told, "We don't have time to deal with you." and hung up on!

Originally Posted by GranolaMama View Post
I have not had to deal with any personally, but I have been doula for some who had pit being pushed heavily because of broken waters... even though their "clock" still had plenty of time left.
That's exactly what happened to me. My water had been broken an hour and a half when the word pitocin came up - I was absolutely floored! I quoted hospital policy to the OB - 24 hours before intervention (a resident AND an L&D nurse told me that to encourage me to accept manual membrane rupture) - and she said when she takes her car to the mechanic she doesn't question him. Seriously?

Originally Posted by moxiemommie View Post
I wasnt crying yelling or saying much at all! Just breathing!) Nurses said I was dping great...The nurse was off duty at 2, but stayed until I had him at 2:38pm. Loved that nurse.
I was very calm too, I'm just a quiet person at heart. One of the OB's actually said I couldn't be in real active labor because I wasn't "freaking out." I had one of those nurses too - I had no idea that she was supposed to be off an hour and a half before she left! She told me after that she was determined to stay with me no matter what.

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