Topic: Worry warts?
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October 4th, 2013, 08:03 AM
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I babysat my god daughter for a few hours yesterday, and I guess I did more lifting than normal (she is 6 months). I experienced some real sharp cramps, and some dizzy spells. Even after I had a normal doctor visit yesterday morning and baby's heartbeat was normal and she was active, I got worried after my busy day because she didn't seem as active last night in the evening, and I had those weird symptoms during the day.

I psyched myself out until I finally relaxed and she ended up moving a lot late at night, and has been active this morning (phew).

How do you ladies get past your moments of worry?! I'm a FTM and I know anything can happen, and sometimes worry just creeps in. It didn't help that my best friend was telling me about stories from her mom's OB office where a lady just lost her baby at 38 weeks.

Its hard not to fret with so much possible negativity!
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