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October 4th, 2013, 09:19 AM
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A couple should not have a baby if one party does not feel the time is right. Period. I would suggest asking if you could bring up this conversation is six months, or one year, or when your younger one turns 2, etc. This may be something that blows over for him as well.

DH and I almost broke up before we married as he wanted two kids and I wanted none. I told him that my mind might change but if it didn't, would be be OK with that? Took a few months but he loved me so much he wanted to marry me either way. It took over three years before deciding I might want a kid and by that time DH enjoyed us finally having money and getting to go places that suddenly he was not sure he wanted kids anymore! But luckily for me I didn't want to try then and there, I wanted to wait (at that point) 18 months until we moved. Got moved up because now we both want a kid as soon as we can
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