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October 4th, 2013, 09:52 AM
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An ultimatum may upset him. But I would try having a conversation with him about all these projects. Tell him you want him to be home by a certain time to spend time as a family. Tell him how you feel. If he doesnt change, you honestly may want to consider a divorce. Hopefully it wont get that far and he wil make more of an effort once he understands how serious it is. The only thing about divorce is you may struggle financially a bit more... I really hope talking to him helps. I agree with having date nights and eachother time, but thats not possible if he is never home. The kids also need their father and you need a break. Another suggestion would be say you are leaving for a couple days and you need him to take care of the kids/household, maybe he'll realize just how much work it is.
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