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October 4th, 2013, 11:07 AM
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Okay so there kind of a lot to tell, so bare with me! My husband ( technically fiance) and I moved in with my mother and grandfather in April of 2013. I have known this day would come for awhile, but after my moms friends called told me APS showed up... I knew it couldnt be put off any longer. My mom is not able to take care of herself. She can but does not. She is a hoarder, prediabetic- doesnt take care of it, and is also "disabled" as she has degenerative disk disease caused by an old injury. We put thousands into the house beforr we moved in, just to make it sanitary enough to live in. Its a huge house on acreage, so spacr is no issue, but the animals are. We have two children, just found out Im about 4weeks preg, we have two dogs, three cats, turtles and horses. She also has two dogs and 4 cats.

So heres the issue, first the dogs. My dogs are very well trained, potty trained, dont beg/jump or "steal" food, great with kids, livestock, people ect. My moms dogs are completely awful. Her Cairn Terrier, is definitly the appropriate term for a female dog. She is such a bully. When she used to come over she bit my pup (at the time) in the face, for no reason. My mom used to have two ither dogs, one of which who was a really good dog, trained and all. Well this Cairn terrier used to bite the dog and picked fights. Finally the dogs would bite her back, when nothing was done. After the 5 fight, she lost her leg ( the dogs bit her and I know my mom didnt catch it until a few days later.

My puppy she used to bite is 4yrs now. Kansas bit her once and Sadie, snapped at her, but I was right there and told sadie no, and put kansas outside. ( sadie didnt attack her just snapped) She has bitten my other dog max at least 5 times. Right in the face. He just walks around her and leaves the room. This dog has snapped at my kids and the cats. I just hate that dog ( shes 8, so shes been around awhile- unfortunately) She goes to the bathroom all over thw lansing. I punish her and put her outside when she does, but my mom doesny do anything, so she never gets trained. Shortly after she got rid of the two dogs for attacking kansas, she got mu grandfather a 2yr old german shepherd! He is a good dog, even though he drives me insane. He is not trained and talk about anxiety, he has NO idea how to be a dog and what to do with himself! He spins circles, chews sheets and well everything, barks constantly, cannot handle bring alone at all, has a lot of accidents. Does not kbow how to act wirh kids. Never gets to go on walks unless I take him, awful on a leash, he jumps on counters, steals food. Its jst awful, but like kansas, they enable and undo all the training we do. Its a bad situation for everyone, even though my grandpa loves him.

Then the cats. They have always peed in the house, I know they are marking at first I thought it was becauae the house smelled and they never had a clean litter box. But the house has been clean foe awhile now. Finallt found this geeat product but its $30/ two gallons? About two gallons. Since Ive syaryed using it, its decreased, but still happens. There are 3 litter boxes in thevhouse and they are in door outdoor cats except for one of ours right now. I originally thoufht it was a territory war between moms cats and my cats. But I realized its not our cats. I have a litter box in my room, I change it every other day. My cats sleep in our room, and always use the box. Missy and Titan go outside first thing in rhw morning and Taxi is always uses the litter boxes. Anyways Im constantly cleaning. Not only after my kids but my moms animals, my mom, my grandfather, its like a 24hr a day job! Its so much work. I mop with the product thay helps reduce cat spray, the landing, downstairs, the bathrooms, kitchen. I will be busy once the new baby is here, and the third tri I dont think I will be able to do as much as I am now. I keep pushing for the cats to be put outside at night ( which is ok because they can go under the deck or stay on the porch. ( or stay in my moms room.) But its starting to get exhausting esp since Im the only one that cleans. Any Ideas or tips on what to do? They will not get rid of either dog, and just dont follow through with putting the cats out... ( my mom often let's them in after I go to bed. I wake up at 4am w hubby b4 he goes to work.
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