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October 4th, 2013, 12:11 PM
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In my experience it could go any way. Every baby, pregnancy, labor, and delivery is different...
For everyone EXCEPT ME!
My first I checked into the hospital at 10:58pm, baby boy #1 born at 1:58am.
second I checked into hospital at 11pm, midwife had pity on me and broke my water approx 230am, baby boy #2born just shy of 9am.
Third I checked into hospital at approx 11pm, baby girl#1 born approx 2am.
Currently due with number 4, baby boy #3, mid Jan. So unless a blizzard comes through town I'm sure hell be just like the others.
All three were approximately 6 hours of labor total, including 45mins to 1 1/2 hours of pushing time.
So it really can be very similar or very different for each time. With my first I was dialated to 4cm upon checkin, second was at approx 3cm dialated upon checkin, third I was dialated to 4cm for a MONTH before she was born!! So upon checkin was at approx 5cm dialated.
but for me all three were very similar even though for most ladies labor is shorter with each baby after number one...
good luck!!
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