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October 4th, 2013, 12:27 PM
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1 year, 1 month & 25 days old

Wow, it felt weird to write that!

Okay, I kind of lied. Well, not entirely. I didn't come back right away to post an update, but I'm here now.

I'm trying to get back into JM because I miss it and because DH and I are still milling over the idea of having another child. So I'm going to join the WTTC board, until AF arrives. Yeah, I still haven't had a postpartum AF, which is totally bogus and I'll write more about that later. Then I hope to move onto the NTNP board, but it's something DH and I have to discuss when the time comes.

So in the past 4 1/2 months, as you can imagine, Jack has hit a lot of milestones. It's bittersweet to call him a toddler now, but that's what he is. A full-blown toddler. It's so much fun, but it's also a little sad because I do sometimes miss my itty bitty baby. I don't have Jack's baby book with me, as I'm at work, but I'm going to try to rely on FB to help me out, as I post a lot of this stuff there.

In my last journal entry, when Jack was just over 9 months old, I posted the video of his first good attempt at crawling, traditional style, forward for the the first time. Seriously, within 24 hours, he was pulling himself up onto things and cruising on the furniture just a couple of days later. It seemed like it took him forever to crawl, but he didn't want to be stuck crawling for too long. He wanted to move on to bigger and better things.

May 29 (9 months & 20 days old) - Jack let go and stood on his own for the first time (for longer than just a couple of seconds), like 30 seconds at a time.

June 1 (9 months & 22 days old) - Jack took his crazy dance moves to the next level. He previously would shake his little booty in crawling mode, but after he started pulling himself up, he started using his walker to shake his booty.

June 2 (9 months & 23 days old) - Jack had been pulling himself up onto his walker for a while, but he didn't really know what to do after that. Once he figured it out, he became unstoppable! Seriously, back and forth across the living room, never getting tired of it.

June 9 (10 months old) - Jack turned 10 months old!

June 14 (10 months & 5 days old) - I finished Jack's birthday invitations. It was a nautical theme.

June 19 (10 months & 10 days old) - Jack and I flew back to Missouri to visit my family. My dad celebrated his 60th birthday, so we wanted to surprise him. He'd never met Jack; neither had my sisters. It was great to see them, but it was a nightmare trip. It wouldn't have been so bad if DH had accompanied us, but it was hard doing it alone. I had luggage and so much baby stuff, the car seat, and Jack in the Ergo. It's amazing how many people did not offer to help us. Maybe I just looked like I had it together. There were some very nice people who helped along the way though. After the three-hour flight, we had to shuttle to the rental car facility. Then we had to drive 2.5 more hours to get to our final destination. After such a long day (that started rather early), Jack was not pleased with the car ride. So I had to listen to him wail the entire time. It was awful. I felt so bad for him and so sorry that I was putting him through that. Same story on the way back to California. I would never travel alone with him again, not until he's much older. The flights weren't so bad, and I sat next to kind people. I nursed him a lot, to keep him calm. It was definitely more difficult with him being so mobile than it would have been if he wasn't crawling yet. He really didn't cry on the flights, but it was a constant struggle to keep him entertained/asleep. We survived it, though, and my family adored him.

June 28 (10 months & 19 days old) - Jack started Gymboree! I decided to take the plunge with a Groupon deal and got 8 weeks for the price of 4 weeks, and it waived the registration fee. Combined with the $25 Gymbucks, it was quite a bargain. He had a lot of fun during open play during those eight weeks, but the organized class wasn't as much his cup of tea. He preferred to just explore on his own. I didn't renew after the subscription ran out. I've decided to enroll him in MyGym, which is closer to our home and seems to be a nicer facility. I'm waiting until he's in the next age group, which starts at 14 months. That's next week!

July 9 (11 months old) - Jack turned 11 months old!

July 17 (11 months & 8 days old) - I think it was this day, maybe the day before, that I went to the ER with mastitis. I'd had some clogs in the past, but I could usually work them out. However, I had a 101 fever this day, so I decided to get checked out. The ER doctor prescribed me antibiotics, and they started helping tremendously within a couple of days. Little did I know that in just a couple weeks' time, I'd be suffering from something much worse triggered by those antibiotics.

July 30 (11 months & 3 weeks old) - Jack walked more than just 2-3 steps! For the past month or so, he would let go and stand and maybe take a couple of steps before dropping and crawling. However, on this day, he took about 10 steps. Also, sometime toward the end of July (I don't have the exact dates with me), Jack's top two front incisors broke through, bringing his teeth total up to four.

August 3 (11 months & 25 days old) - On this afternoon, I started getting really bad cramps and diarrhea. I thought it was something I'd eaten. By bedtime, it turned into excessive diarrhea, the kind that left me in the bathroom pretty much the entire night. I didn't sleep a wink. In between bathroom visits, I had to nurse Jack or tend to him. DH helped as much as possible, but it was a really rough night. The next day (Sunday) was just as bad. I was on vacation the whole next week, leading up to Jack's birthday. My "condition" got a little bit better by Monday, but I would get horrible, contraction-like cramps throughout the day and need to rush to the bathroom. This lasted all week. I lost several pounds. Everyone told me it was probably just a virus, that it would pass. I was so worried about Jack's party that I just dealt with it. Big mistake! More on that later.

August 9 (1 year old) - Jack turned a year old! His birthday fell on a Friday, so we just celebrated over dinner with our little family. He also started walking so much better by his birthday. Perfect timing.

August 10 (1 year & 1 day old) - We had Jack's birthday party. It was very small, just around 10 people. I was so disappointed that I was sick all week. I had so many little projects I wanted to wrap up for his birthday, but I just couldn't get them finished. It was still a lovely day. I made his banner and a photo board. I didn't get to make his cake or any food. I just had it catered instead. That was very disappointing, as I love cooking/baking. However, I just wasn't well enough. DH thought we should cancel the party, but there was no way I was going to do that. Little man deserved a special day, even if it meant I had to run back and forth to the bathroom. His cake smash was particularly fun. Everyone, Jack included, had a good time.

August 11 (1 year & 2 days old) - Since I'd had diarrhea for over a week and I woke up with a 101 fever and aches, I made a trip to the ER. The doctor diagnosed me with C. diff and took a stool sample to be certain. In the meantime, he prescribed an antibiotic to treat it. I'm not even sure how or when I contracted the infection (could have been when I gave birth to Jack or when I was in the ER with mastitis back in July). Regardless of when and how, though, I needed to get rid of it. The ER doctor told me that I couldn't breastfeed while taking the medication so I would need to pump and dump or wean cold turkey. He even suggested that I just wean since Jack was a year old. Pompous jerk! So on top of being horribly ill, I had to wean. Jack was taking cow's milk fine, so that part was okay. However, he really depended on nursing at night, so I knew it would be rough. I waited a whole day to take the meds because I wanted one last day of nursing Jack.

August 13 (1 year & 4 days old) - I started the course of antibiotics (Flagyl). By about an hour after taking the third dose, I was violently ill. Not only did I still have diarrhea, but I also had horrible vomiting. It lasted all night, every 20 minutes vomiting, to the point of dry heaving. It was the worst I'd ever felt in my entire life, and the thought even crossed my mind that I might die. I know that sounds dramatic, but it was really awful. I decided to stop taking the antibiotic until I could talk to my own doctor. By 3:00am, I had stopped vomiting. DH left for work at 4:30am, and I had to tend to Jack after that. When I spoke to my doctor later in the day, she was SHOCKED at the dosage the ER doctor had prescribed. It was more than double what she would have prescribed someone my size. So I was overdosing on the medicine. I'm so glad I stopped it. She prescribed another, typically more effective antibiotic, in the appropriate dosage. And it was also safe for breastfeeding. I was so pissed at that ER doctor for prescribing the other stuff knowing I was breastfeeding, when there was a safer, more effective option.

I started to feel better within a few days, but I never felt entirely back to normal. I had hoped that it was the antibiotic itself making me feel a little off, as that's not an atypical reaction. I did feel about 90% better, so that was great. I just didn't feel 100%. I lost nine pounds throughout the ordeal and got well below my pre-pregnancy weight. It was scary!

August 27 (1 year & 18 days old) - Jack picked up a new talent: lip syncing.

September 1 (1 year & 23 days old) - We'd been to the beach several times with Jack, and he always enjoyed it. However, this was the first time we went to the beach since he started walking proficiently. He had a blast!

September 2 (1 year & 24 days old) - Jack cut the fourth of four more teeth in a matter of a couple of weeks (three cut in a matter of days), making his total tooth count eight. He now has the top four front teeth and the bottom four front teeth. They make for an absolutely adorable grin.

September 4 (1 year & 26 days old) - I woke up not feeling right, like the urgency to go to the bathroom again and kind of crampy. By mid-day, I knew something was wrong. I called my doctor and told her that I thought I was relapsing with C. diff. She prescribed a different, brand new drug right away. However, since it was brand new, the pharmacy had to order it. So I had to wait another day to start taking it. In the meantime, I got really sick with diarrhea again. This time, it was accompanied by a lot of vomiting (not caused by medication). And I had a fever and achiness again. I had put on a couple of the pounds I'd lost during the first bout, but I lost them all again and then some. By the end of the relapse, I was down 12 pounds from prior to getting sick. The good news, though, is that the second medication seems to have done the trick, fingers crossed. I stopped the treatment on September 17, and I don't have any signs of relapse yet. Most relapses occur within one to three weeks, so I hope I'm in the clear.

September 7 (1 year & 29 days old) - Jack really started to blossom with communication after he cut all those teeth and got that pesky walking milestone out of the way. His vocabulary consists of mama, dada, kee (kitty), deedee (puppy), and teetee (Teresa, his aunt). He also waves, high-fives, shakes his head "no," peek-a-boos, plays ring-around-the-rosey, etc. And he will mimic us with sounds and other actions. However, I suspected he understood a lot more than he actually speaks. So after he cut those teeth, everything seemed to click. I can pretty much ask him where anything is, and he'll point it out or bring it to me (bottle, sippy cup, ball, chair, puppy, etc.) He can also point out the parts of the face (eyes, nose, mouth, etc.). And he can even distinguish between his purple ball and his green ball. I don't think it's a matter of knowing colors yet, just knowing that "purple ball" means the smaller one and "green ball" means the bigger one. Still, I figure that's the first step in understanding colors. Also, if you ask if he wants to go outside, he will walk toward the door and bang on it. If you ask if he's hungry, he will walk to his high chair. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before he's actually saying a lot more things. He sure babbles like crazy. It's so fun to watch him grow in this regard.

September 21 (1 year, 1 month & 12 days old) - We took Jack to a petting zoo. He loves cats and dogs, so we figured he'd like bigger animals too. My, oh my, he didn't know what to do with himself. He was in love! He even hugged a goat.

September 22 (1 year, 1 month & 13 days old) - We took Jack to Disneyland for the first time, and he really enjoyed it. We renewed our annual passes, so we'll be taking him plenty. We had breakfast with Minnie and the characters, visited their petting zoo (since Jack loved the other one so much), and rode the tea cups, It's a Small World, and Pirates of the Caribbean. He did so well, and we were there for 7 hours. He even napped for about an hour.

October 2 (1 year, 1 month & 23 days old) - Did I mention Jack loves to dance? He loves to shake that booty, and DH frequently has little dance parties with him. He gets so upset when the music stops, that he will hit and/or throw the phone.

So aside from all that Jack cuteness, things are going pretty well. I'm so proud that I was able to exclusively breastfeed, even upon returning to work for an entire year, and despite the thrush, mastitis, and two bouts of C. diff. Since Jack is now drinking cow's milk and eating every type of food, I've begun the weaning process. The only time he nurses is overnight. Since he's still waking up at least a few times every night, it's been really hard to wean completely. He takes such comfort in nursing when he's sleepy. We're still working on it, though. In the meantime, I only pump once per day now, just to make sure I don't clog up. I put that milk in the freezer. I'm hoping at some point to use that in a bottle overnight, perhaps when he's down to one wake-up per night... if that EVER happens.

I still haven't had a postpartum AF, which puts me at 23 months AF-free. I'm actually not a fan at this point. I'd really much prefer to be back to normal hormonally. I thought that when I got really sick and my milk dried up significantly that it would be the beginning of the end of life without AF. However, it's been a couple of months, and she's still a no-show. I then thought that reducing my pumping to only once per day and only nursing at night would trigger her. Nope, still nada. I am getting stronger and stronger signs of O and AF though, so I'm sure it will happen soon.

I think that is PLENTY of an update for now. Hahaha!

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