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October 4th, 2013, 12:43 PM
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I don't know the results yet but I can say it was NOT fun! I couldn't tell you how many times they stuck me. My arms look like they belong to a heroine addict and are all bruised up. By the time it was time to do blood draw #3 I was begging them to take blood from my hands. The lady looked to see if they had the needles to do hand blood draws and said they didn't... so more continuous pokes and digging around in my arms.

I'm a little concerned what my results are going to say. There was a point when I almost fainted (only an hour an a half in). I was sitting in the waiting room and suddenly my vision started going blurry and I got really hot and sweaty. I grabbed my bottle of water and chugged a bunch down and focused on my breathing. I didn't pass out, but I almost did, and that can't be a good sign..

I'm SO glad that parts over!!

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