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October 4th, 2013, 01:22 PM
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I think when you do find it, he will just immediately agree. With Ryan our first ( now 3) He wanted a Brian jr. I would not have it! I DO NOT like jrs for my kids, at all. We went through sooo many lists. I was jist hoping if I still hadnt picked a name bu the time he was born, that I would before we left the hospital. One day as a joke, he was like, "what about Ryan" I said yes! He said wow, I was kidding, I didnt think you would like it! I said well do you, and he said yes! With Luke wed gone through a ton of names too. Then I thought of Luke. Loved it. But I was soo tired of rejection I figured I would talk to him about it once he was born. Then one day he says I have a name but I dont think you will like it, so I really dont want to say... I said well so do I, so you go first he said "Luke" and I asked if he was serious? He replied with an i knew you wouldn't like it, but of course I explained that I did! What a coincidence lol
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