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October 4th, 2013, 01:42 PM
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I had a bad migraine yesterday- a storm front with a ton of humidity passed through. I've had migraines all my life, though surprisingly few since I went off birth control last year. Weather is one of my triggers, as are hormones (right at the start of AF) and too much booze.

I was a dummy and didn't treat it right away. I took one 500mg Tylenol around 11am and then took a nap, thinking it might go away. Didn't. I ended up vomiting several times in the night from the pain. This morning I took 750mg Tylenol plus half a cup of coffee, and it went away in about 90 minutes. The weather is still grey and rainy today (and will continue for the next few days) so it's likely the headache will return.

Normally this would not really freak me out- again, have had migraines all my life. But the last time I had major ones was in my first pregnancy last fall. I had migraines most days, starting about 9 weeks, then they got bad about 10 weeks. A few weeks after that, at my first trimester screening, I learned it was a missed mc (baby passed at 10w). My OB said dropping hormone levels was probably the cause of the migraines.

This migraine was from the weather, right? I'm taking progesterone supplements, so it's unlikely that my hormone levels would have changed drastically. (right?) Sigh. I know there's no way anyone can really answer. I did leave a message at my RE's office. I have my next ultrasound on Wednesday, and given that it's Friday afternoon already it's unlikely I'd rush in for yet another scan before next week. So, might as well wait til Wednesday.

Sorry for the novel
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