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October 4th, 2013, 02:57 PM
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I don't have any other kids but I'm pregnant with my first and it was a tooootal surprise. Like, on the pill and took plan b surprise. The first few days, and even now, I cried all throughout the day. I wouldn't let my sister call it a baby and I would just keep reminding myself it was the size of an orange seed so that I could terminate guilt free.

But something happened yesterday. It was like I accepted it and allowed myself to feel okay with it. Will it be hard? I don't have to say that to you since you have two little ones but that still scares me. I'll miss my social life and I miss my going out/nightly glass of wine but I feel like this happened for a reason. But I can sympathize with you, it's hard to see all these wonderful women in my DDC all super excited for their blossoming pregnancies, or have tried for so many cycles and it finally happened and I wasn't excited about mine, It's so heartbreaking to see these women in the "am i pregnant" or TTC boards that want to be pregnant so bad and mine beat science odds and just happened and I couldn't be happy. But the reality is, it's done, it's here and it'll be okay. It always is

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