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October 4th, 2013, 05:06 PM
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I second the membranes. Hopefully that's all it is.

It can just be your body fluctuating though. I returned to work after 3 months home with my LO. He's now almost 14 months old! He's weaned onto cow's milk during the day, but I still nurse him at night. So I'm down to pumping just once while at work, to ensure no clogs form.

I would go through those phases where I'd pump a lot and then dwindle down. Just keep at it, and I'm sure it will even back out. Even though I hadn't started my period, I noticed that my body would sort of go through cycles, like gearing up to O and gearing up for AF. The hormones were fluctuating, even if not enough to actually signal O or AF. And I would see a change in my supply at those times.

Good for you, keeping up with pumping while at work. And good luck!

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