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October 4th, 2013, 05:17 PM
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I've got 3 boys. I have a very boy friendly diet. I usually take a multi vitamin. When I ttc I take a prenatal. I always eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and snack in between. I eat a lot of bananas. We have red meat about 3 times a week. But we are very much a meat veg and potato family. I would say my diet is quite salty. I always add salt to my water when cooking veg. I use jarred sauces and gravy granules. I love salted crisps. I mainly drink tea, about 8 cups a day, the odd cup of coffee. I don't eat much dairy at all. If I eat alot of dairy I get a yeast infection. My doctor told me to have cool baths and add sea salt because of the yeast infections. My boys have been conceived on the day before or of ovulation day in the evening, after I've had my warm bath. They were conceived in a woman on top position. My dh usually drinks 2 cups of coffee in the evening.

This time I'm pregnant, baby is a girl. I conceived in the morning, in a spoons position. At the time we were having very hot weather, so my diet had changed for a couple of weeks. I was eating salads, chicken, ice cream, cold rice and pepper salads. I was drinking lots of water and diet soda. We were pretty stressed out at the time, trying to get a mortgage sorted so there was a lot of rushing about forgetting meals. Also I wasn't eating breakfast regularly and drinking lots of lattes. As soon as we dtd, even though it was 3/4 days before ovulation I took sudafed everyday, calcium tablets and cranberry. Just in case I got pregnant! So you can see my diet when I conceived baby girl was completely different from when I had my boys.
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