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October 4th, 2013, 10:23 PM
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No, no names that he likes and I don't. Just a lot of names that he likes but doesn't want to use. Because, it's a well known cartoon cat's name Garfield, or a nephew's middle name. Can't remember these, just that one of them starts with a C. How does he remember his nephews middle names when I can't remember mine? I have just as many nephews.

I may try and talk him into the nephews middle name for first name, I remember liking the names myself.

Samuel is a good name, but well that's a nephew's first name.

Nephews on my side are Gabriel and Ashton, Zackariah and Aidan. Nephews on his side are Lucas and Issac, Samuel and Joshua. I can't' remember anyone's middle names, I can barely remember my own siblings middle names. I kinda suck with remembering names. v_v
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