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October 5th, 2013, 03:00 PM
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I'd love to hear what mojo-risin thinks about this

It sounds like a neat idea, but I don't really get how this makes IVF so much cheaper. It claims to "replace the IVF laboratory with this cell" but if they still have to do ICSI for some patients, still have to preserve the extra embies, still have to look at each one to determine if they are healthy, etc., don't you still have to have a lab? And an embryologist to do this stuff? And isn't it helpful to be able to watch the embies develop so you can find out why sometimes the process isn't successful? What am I missing?

And I giggled when they said that this makes IVF "less invasive." I'm going to walk around with a plastic cell in my hoo-hah for 5 days and they think that is "less invasive"?

Leah, are they doing the trials in the US, or is this overseas? It is awesome that it is already helping people create their families!

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