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October 5th, 2013, 08:48 PM
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so, this same kid i've been having problems with at work came into work today, and the first thing he says to me is "i'm f---ing p---ed." i asked him why. i know his girlfriend is failing her classes, i know he's got a few outstanding tickets, i know his car is falling to pieces and i know he's butting heads with the bosses at work.

his answer? "my f---ing parents ordered subs. i'm working with kels and laura and i know they're gonna try to make me make the subs and they know i don't make subs. and i told my parents not to order subs, i'd rather make them pizza, but they insisted they wanted subs and wouldn't f---ing listen."

uhm. this is your job? making subs is part of the list of things you are paid to do? and it's your family? i jokingly said "yeah, sounds like you have real family issues" and he SERIOUSLY said "yeah, it's ridiculous the s--t i put up with."

excuse me. you're talking to an 18yr old, who's pregnant and living at home, working minimum part time so my parents won't have to pay for my baby. i'm not sure how much longer i can work because every shift i get crampy and dizzy and sick. Nate has a new, awful, physically demanding job with benefits that are just barely worth the labor. our car has a new problem every other week. it needs a paint job too, it has dents in the side door, and the fabric liner in the ceiling is falling down, and that's just the cosmetic issues. we can't afford to leave because of the baby but we can't stay because there is literally no room for the three of us here. Nate can't go back to school because he's now working a full time job and has no time to go full time, and we can't afford to send him part time, because we only get financial aid if you're full time. our cats keep getting fur and food debris in the furniture we're storing downstairs (no room in our room) and i'm not sure how sanitary that is, but i can't follow them around and make sure they stay off things. our dog is getting hyper again and if she doesn't calm back down my dad wants to get rid of her before she hurts the baby. i'm in almost constant pain. i only complain on this board, or to Nate, never to the guys at work or to my family.

but this poor soul as to make subs for his parents. who pay for his car (he's 23), who pay for his food (we buy groceries for my parents every week), who let him live at home rent-free, ordered subs from a restaurant he works at. paying into his weekly check that he blows on 30 packs from the nice and easy. his life is so awful. let's all take time from our lives and pity him, please, he totally needs it. he had to make subs.
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