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October 6th, 2013, 06:58 AM
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Middle name will more than likely be Beatrice for a girl and Brian for a boy after family members, but here are some of the combos we really like in case we use it for a subsequent child. Still open to other suggestions.

1. Freya Beatrice/ Freya Charlotte (Husbands top pick)
2. Charlotte Cora/ Charlotte Beatrice (aka Charlie and our longtime frontrunner)
3. Lila Seraphine/ Lila Beatrice (Currently my favorite)
4. Emma Katerine (Emma-Kate)

1. Remy David/ Remy Brian (Husbands top)
2. Everett Calvin/ Everett Brian
3. Gabriel Brian
4. Malcolm David/Malcolm Brian

Names I love but can't use: Violet, Hazel, Sadie, Rose, Shepherd, Eloise.

REALLLY love Lou/Lulu, but can't find a long version that works

"An angel in the book of life wrote down my my baby's birth, then whispered as she shut the book, he's too beautiful for earth."

Gabriel Joseph 10/11/13

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