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October 6th, 2013, 12:19 PM
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That's not odd to me at all. My guess is you were hoping the one you lost (before you lost it) was a girl, so in your mind that baby was already named that name. Then you lost it, and you don't feel right naming a subsequent baby the same name as you already gave the one that died. Because it wouldn't feel like it would be honoring the one you lost. Is that how it is? I can totally understand that.
I am sorry you went through that m/c, like I've heard it said no footprint is too small to leave a mark on a mother's heart (something to that effect). Even though they were lost at a very early gestation, they were still precious and wanted, and you lose something more than just the pregnancy, you lose all the hopes and dreams you had for that baby too. You lose the future you would have had with them.

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