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October 6th, 2013, 03:45 PM
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It's understandable and in fact, I too am having a similar issue. Clyde was and is my first sons name. DH and I love the name, think it's pretty much the best name ever, but for some reason it doesn't feel right using it for our current baby's middle name. Several people in my family have suggested we use it for Toren's middle name to honor our first son. They tell me how sweet it would be, and I do agree it would be sweet, but somehow at the moment it doesn't feel right. It's very hard to explain exactly why. Our feelings about it may change, who knows, but at the moment it's hard to share a name with both my boys when it will always and forever belong to our first.

You may decide on using the same name or choose a totally new one. Your decision will end up being what's best for you ((hugs))

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