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October 6th, 2013, 04:00 PM
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Well what I mean by the last part is, since onesies are cotton and they are absorbent, if part of the onesies manages to get inside the diaper leg opening, it can contact the wetness and wick it out and then the whole onesie and outfit can get all wet. You have to make sure the onesie isn't getting bunched or curled up into the diaper on the inner thighs.

If the insert is soaked, that just means the diaper is not absorbent enough for her, maybe needs to be changed more frequently or you need a doubler or something.

If you have inserts that aren't soaked, no onesie wicking, it is just seeping straight out like the PUL isn't working, then maybe the PUL isn't working. PUL can fail on really old diapers or faulty diapers. If it is a pocket you can turn it inside out and look at the laminated side and make sure it looks okay, or even test it with a damp washcloth or something.

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