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October 7th, 2013, 08:15 AM
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Ingrid is still mostly BF, but we're def moving into the land of solids. Last night we gave her a decent bowl of wheat (or something) baby oatmeal with no breastmilk and she was chowing it down. DH did most of the feeding and he hates her getting so messy, so he mostly spoon fed her. When I took over (after cooking our dinner), I mostly let her have the spoon. She both likes trying to do the food thing and just gnawing on the spoon.

I tried to give her some banana last week (or the week before?) and she was all "what in the hell is this I'm putting in my mouth?!" We'll try that again another day. I also was going to give her some soft carrots, but I didn't cook it enough so it would have been too much for her. I let her suck on a green pepper piece last week- she liked that.

I think she's got a ways to go with the whole learning to chew thing, but we're taking a nice slow pace and it's going well.

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