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October 8th, 2013, 06:36 AM
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Hi Kim! Great news about your mom! What a relief for you guys. You can focus on helping your dad through his recovery and then he gets to party with his healthy heart. Are they the type that will travel around the world now that they are retired?

A night away from the kids will be great for you! And for them. They'll be good for your family. And your parents might let them get away with a few things, but that's their job. Enjoy the freedom! Plus, you will get the best hugs when you see them the next day.

J's doctor said he is slowly getting better. He has magical powers that let him feel how much poop is in his stomach just by feeling it and he said it's starting to empty out. James doesn't poop as much as the doctor said he should (should be 4-6 times a day, he goes maybe twice), but it's nice and solid now and almost always on the toilet!

Probably a no-go for another baby. I would have to get a decent paying job to cover the extra expenses of another human in the house. By the time I probably get a job, I'll be too old for more kids. Who knows... Amanda's baby is adorable. I would love to snuggle with one of those again!
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