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October 8th, 2013, 07:22 AM
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Because my periods have been exceptionally abnormal since I had gallbladder surgery in June I decided to start charting my temps again as well as using the OPK's. I have been using the Clear Blue digital OPK's but they have since come out with a new one that's called Clear Blue Advanced. The old one would give you a smiley face for two fertile days and any other day you got an open circle, with the new one, it gives you more fertile days, I started testing on CD11 which is also when I started noticing CM. These tests will flash a happy face when you're fertile and when you're at your most fertile a happy face will remain for 2 days. Anyhow, we did the BD every night, Weds-Sun and I was expecting that my chart would show that I O'ed yesterday but nothing. Then last night I noticed more EWCM and I did another test trip and I got another flashing smile. I'm not supposed to test anymore after I get the smiley face that last for 2 days. According to my chart I still haven't O'ed.

I understand this isn't an exact science but what is going on with my body? Am I super fertile woman? I didn't think that these OPK's would give a positive unless they detect an LH surge. Is it possible that I'm fertile for this many days?!?!

Sorry for the long post but I'm frustrated. Every time I think I understand what's going on with my body it does something wonky.

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