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October 8th, 2013, 08:24 AM
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My dad used to sometimes buy me cool video games like sega, or break out his old video game systems (intellevision, atari, commodore 64 games) but would balance it with those wooden puzzle toys and other things like that. I also remember having a lot of book subscriptions, like I'd get a box of 6 Sweet Valley High books or Babysitter's Club, and my mom would take me once a week to get the max amount of books out of the library. I was one of those kids whose parents would say "GO OUTSIDE" and shut the door. Not that they had to force me, but that it was just a given that on a nice day I would be outside playing with my friends or exploring by the creek or playing sports or whatever it was that day. If I was really interested in quiet indoor things like reading or gameboy or something, i could still play with it at the playground, I suppose. I contrast that with kids that sit on their ipads watching tv shows like zombies that don't have a touch of color to their skin because their parents are afraid to let them go outside and play or they aren't really interested b/c of video activities. I just think everything in moderation. While I love reading, if I saw my kid was only reading non-stop and didn't want to go socialize, I'd say OK BUDDY time to go play with other children, no matter how good reading time is. As far as ipad related gifts go... they're really not my style. I wouldn't want to put 3 little tiny gifts under the tree, little stylus pens and small teensy tablet gifts. I want to get my kid a bike with a giant bow on it or a tent or a fun board game or something. Maybe get a box with holes in it and put a puppy in there, lol.
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