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October 8th, 2013, 07:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Karen182 View Post
Honestly? "the Grouch".

It reminds me of an old man. I have trouble seeing it on a child. It also comes across as an ethnic name in my opinion. I've had several Oscars come through my classroom, and they were all Hispanic.
Yeah, the grouch thing I will just have to combat. The ethnic thing has crossed my mind also (my sister thinks it's incredibly Hispanic as well) and with our last name it has me wondering..... But the old man thing I don't get??? They were babies at one time too! It's funny to me that people only think of names as old man names. It kind of makes it more appealing to me . Some day people are going to say "Amanda? That's for an old lady!" Hahaha.

Originally Posted by topato View Post
it's been on my list, but as oskar, which is the german spelling.
I love Oskar! just don't want him to be constantly correcting spelling of his first and last name.

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